Departments Overview

Department of ELT: There are a variety of reasons to study in the Department of English Language Teaching (ELT): solidify EFL theory or knowledge, upgrade academic credentials, improve teaching skills, establish a network of colleagues, or learn EFL best-practices.  Accordingly, the curriculum is designed for educators at all levels and in diverse contexts.

Department of ELT Content Development: The Department of ELT Content Development (ELTCD) provides a truly unique and exciting opportunity for those individuals who wish to extend their EFL knowledge via technology and multimedia. If you are interested in learning how to administer your own educational website or create multimedia materials, then this place is for you!

Our Goal

The Graduate School of TESOL at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) aims to educate graduate students with the expectation that they become proficient in TESOL instruction, administrative decision-making, and content development. To accomplish this goal, we seek to empower students through the integration of innovative teaching methodologies and up-to-date educational technologies to enrich the EFL learning experience. Hence, as we strive to increase the quality of teacher-training instruction, our students can feel confident in implementing contemporary theoretical knowledge and expertise in educational technology to propel their careers and research opportunities in new and exciting directions.

Our Mission

1. To ensure excellence in English language learning and teaching by training qualified English language teachers.
2. To play a leading role in the development of English education in Korea through professional workshops, lectures.
3. To help administrators, teaching staff and practitioners of ELT meet global language education standards

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