Tae Yookyung
ELT - 2011

"For the past year, I have been highly motivated by my hardworking classmates as it has made me realize not only the importance of utilizing appropriate and effective teaching methods, but also the value of collegial cooperation. I believe all GS TESOL students will become better English educators from such experiences."

By participating in study groups during vacation periods or volunteering with fellow classmates at the 2010 PAC-KOTESOL International Conference (for the Korean Culture Corner), Yookyung has become a firm believer that theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the actual field should be interwoven together. Accordingly, Yookyung wishes to further expand her theoretical knowledge and understanding while refining her ELT methods during her GS TESOL studies so that she can become an informed and effective educator!

Jenny Kim
ELT - 2010

"I have been really glad to study in the GS TESOL. This is a great opportunity for any enthusiastic and dedicated graduate student who wishes to reach their potential as a professional English teacher!"

As a student in the Dept of ELT, Jenny has adeptly taken on the role of 2010 student president. She has continued to build upon the successes of our first student president by organizing department meetings and consulting with GS TESOL faculty on a number of academic and departmental issues. Accordingly, fellow students have enjoyed a more robust and coherent program experience. Jenny sees her MA TESOL degree as a ‘capstone achievement’ of becoming very proficient and knowledgeable as an English teacher and in TESOL subject matter!

Kim Seshin
ELTCD - 2010

"As a student in the Dept of ELTCD, I have learned how to integrate MALL elements into my EFL classes to create engaging, pedagogically-sound content. My students love it!"

As our inaugural student president, Seshin served us very well in bridging the divide between students and the university. In addition to listening to and supporting his fellow colleagues, he was also responsible for organizing several department dinners and our annual MT get-away retreat. We have certainly become a stronger graduate school due to his sincere commitment and concern for all. Seshin plans to use his MA TESOL degree to further refine his teaching practice as a public high school English teacher. Just as importantly, he also aspires to be a MALL consultant to his fellow colleagues!

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