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The Graduate School of TESOL is a progressive program that caters to those who wish to complete their graduate studies in TESOL in the evening while attending to other responsibilities during the day. With a plethitude of courses to choose from, we offer a robust yet flexible schedule for those wishing to enhance their TESOL credentials.
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The Graduate School of TESOL faculty is comprised of professional educators who bring years of teaching experience and TESOL expertise. Whether you wish to learn more about contemporary EFL theory, create educational multimedia, or simply learn the latest trends in EFL best-practices, experience the passion that our faculty offers!
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Within the Graduate School of TESOL, you'll have the opportunity to study with fellow students who represent all kinds of professions - public and private school teachers, college instructors, content developers, or business entrepreneurs. Tap this network of colleagues to enhance your own knowledge and skills!


한국외국어대학교 TESOL대학원에서는

2014학년도 전기 일반전형 모집 일정을 확정되어 아래와 같이 입학절차에 대해 알려드립니다.


모집요강 pdf


1. 입학지원서 교부: 2013. 11. 25(월) ~ 12. 2(월)

2. 서류제출: 2013. 11. 25(월) ~ 12. 6(금) 17:00

3. 면접전형: 2013. 12. 14(토) (장소 및 시간은 개별 공지사항 확인)

4. 합격자발표: 2013. 12. 24(화)

5. 문의전화: 02-2173-3521~2

*자세한 내용은 본 원 위 모집요강 pdf 혹은 - news - admission guideline 게시물을 참조하세요.



Please click the LINK below for Spring 2014 Admissions.

How can you enhance your teaching career?

Here we are: English Powerhouse, HUFS Graduate School of TESOL!



Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Graduate School of TESOL



우리 대학원은 대학원의 우수성을 알리고 입시를 홍보하기 위하여 파워 블로거를 아래와 같이 모집하고자 하오니 재학생들의많은 관심과 참여를 부탁합니다.

주제: 한국외대 테솔대학원 관련 모든 주제

응모기간: 2013. 10. 28(월) ~ 12월 말까지(변경됨)

응모자격: 현재 테솔대학원 재학생  



**자세한 사항은 아래 모집 안내를 확인해주십시오.     

파워블로거 모집 안내pdf

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